Hills/River/Sky: A Portrait of a Place

Looking upriver toward Fort Randall from the James place
along the Missouri National Recreational River in Nebraska

When I am walking on my family’s property along the Missouri National Recreational River in northeast Nebraska, I am part of the ongoing movement of life. These 600+ acres have a diverse terrain, with hilly grassland intersected by deep draws, a wooded river bottom, and a large sandbar in the Missouri River. It is a place that I have come to love, but it is also a place that transcends my brief time i­­­n it.

This is not beautiful land in a traditional sense; instead, it is terrain that demands close attention and time to appreciate. Each season offers shifting shapes, colors, and textures, so that it seems as if I am surrounded by a constant dance of change. By making photoconstructions instead of single photos, I hope to evoke a sense of walking, with constant changes in perspective, scale, focus and light. I am less interested in capturing perfect moments than in revealing forms, patterns and subtle nuances in my environment.