cabin on river

My artistic explorations are focused on the 600 acres of hilly pastureland I live on along the Missouri River in Boyd County, Nebraska. It is land that demands close focus and time to fully appreciate. Photography is a way to see and understand this place in ways that are both familiar and somewhat surreal. After taking up to several hundred photos in one area, I return to my studio to make what I call “photoconstructions.” Using Photoshop, I select 2-20 photos that I digitally cut out, and rescale, refine, and rearrange in layers. I hope to create visual poems that evoke the rhythms, patterns, colors, and textures of what I have experienced during my outings. It is a time-consuming, exploratory process as I work to make aesthetically unified compositions. In all of my work I hope to evoke a sense of physicality as well as mystery of a place that is both ordinary and unique.

Although each piece can be appreciated on its own merits, together they combine to make a visual portrait of a place that is part documentary and part personal interpretation. When I am walking and working in the hills and along the river, I experience a sense of being at peace, of being separate and solitary, and of being part of natural and human history. It is a place that I have come to love, but it is also a place that transcends my brief time i­­­n it through ongoing cycles of growth, decay, and regeneration.