Walking Poem Series

In this series, I pay close attention to the trees, wildflowers, grasses, and cows that I observe during my solitary hikes in the hills. When constructing each column, I layer photographs of the plants, land, and sky to create densely detailed compositions. I digitally condense what I’ve seen into complex photoconstructions that highlight the varied patterns in my environment.

It’s an ongoing adventure for me to observe vegetation, land formations, and wildlife as I walk. The land changes in different areas of the property, including woods, grassland, and desert-like areas. Much of the vegetation, such as bur oak trees and sumac, are found everywhere on the property, but sometimes I find solitary plants, like the single rough gayfeather in the central pasture. Colorful wildflowers such as shell-leaf penstemon and goldenrod are beautiful, but even bare winter branches and fading yucca are a delight to look at.

Each season offers shifting shapes, colors, and textures, so that it seems as if I am surrounded by a constant dance of change. Walking makes me part of this ongoing movement of life.

© 2021 Pat James